Bright Mountain Capital Partners (BMCP) focuses on the acquisition of companies with a varying mix of real estate, securities, receivables and cash. The emphasis lies on residential real estate in medium-sized or large Dutch cities. But we also focus on commercial real estate in the Netherlands, or residential real estate in larger cities outside the Netherlands. One of the conditions is that the property is rented or rentable. For example we have purchased various real estate portfolios with apartments, houses, halls and office spaces. 

Our team

Ron bakker

 Ron (1964) started his career as a tax advisor with Loyens & Volkmaars, where he worked for 6 years, followed by 6 years with MeesPierson Private Bank. Ron then worked with Intertrust Group for 10 years, as member of the Dutch Management Team and in other functions. As of 2013 Ron is also active as entrepreneur in real estate. Ron has broad experience in advising, investment, transactions and management.

Hans Fraats

After graduating from the University of Maastricht studying Business Economics and Tax Law, Hans started his career as a tax lawyer with a tax law firm in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Afterwards he worked in various countries for a large corporate services provider. In 2007 he co-founded the family office Athos Family & Business Services. Within Athos he was responsible for the transaction practice, which in 2019 was fully integrated in BMCP. BMCP is not part of Athos and acts on a stand alone basis. Hans currently lives in Switzerland.

Willem Ruys

After graduating from Utrecht University (Law with Spec. Tax) Willem had several positions within Fortis Bank, MeesPierson and Intertrust in the Netherlands, Singapore and Switzerland. In 2012 Ron en Willem continued the transaction business of his former employers under the name Bright Mountain Capital. In 2016 a joint venture with Hans was concluded, which led to the incorporation of BMCP in 2019. Willem has always  been engaged in transactions in a multitude of jurisdictions, with a particular focus on the Benelux and Switzerland. Willem has an extensive network of advisors, intermediaries and bankers in those countries.

Recent Purchases

Below you will find examples of our recent purchased real estate in the South of the Netherlands.